Humming Bird Black Framed Print

Humming Bird Black Framed Print


Item Size: 12 inches x 12 inches

About International Artist Elliott Aaron From

You ask a musician why he plays the blues, and he’s going to tell you it’s because it moves him. I create abstract expressionism and performance art for the same reason; It defines me as an artist. My work is an exploration of shape, color and nature— a way for me to push the boundaries of abstract work as a whole, and a means of connecting, visually and emotionally, with the viewer. 

Performance Artist Elliott Aaron From—Always Giving Back
Raising over $4 Million Dollars for over 350+ Non-Profits

Elliott’s talent and creativity along with his uncharted hybrid of Artistic Expression and Performance Art have made him a Chicago-land celebrity. He works closely with local and national professional sports teams. Most well-known is his celebrated connection to the 3-time Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks with whom he has had an ongoing business relationship for the last 9 years. Elliott’s love of painting is only paralleled by his love of helping those less fortunate. He has molded his successful business model around raising money for non-profit organizations and helping those in need. 

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